Donating for Open Source?

Dave Smith dave at
Fri Oct 26 11:55:04 MDT 2007

Steve wrote:
> I recently tried phpLDAPAdmin, and I really like it, so I went to the
> main page noticed a donation link and tried to click it.
> Is there a way I can donate to a project like this without giving the
> money to sourceforge?

When I setup donations for phpLDAPadmin about 3 year ago, I knew that 
there would be some fees paid to SourceForge out of each donation, but I 
gladly accepted that fact because I liked the free services provided by 
SourceForge. I completely understand if people don't want any of their 
donation to go to SourceForge, but just know that that's how the 
developers want it.

Alternatively, you could contact Deon directly about donating (wurley). 
I happen to know his paypal address where the SourceForge donations go, 
if you want it. I can give it to you off list, but know that PayPal will 
take a small fee of that as well.

--Dave (aka uugDave)

Disclaimer: I don't maintain phpLDAPadmin anymore -- I handed it off to 
wurley, who has done an absolutely amazing job with it.

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