Possible Torrent Alternative.

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 22:39:14 MDT 2007

It's like you're intentionally trying to miss my point here.
Maybe this is a communication problem, maybe I'm just exhausted and
not making myself clear.

I'll get a prototype up in the next couple of days and maybe it will
meet with approval, maybe it won't, but at least it'll show what I'm
talking about.


On 10/24/07, Dave Smith <dave at thesmithfam.org> wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> > I fail to see how using "send" vs "sendto" makes things much easier.
> >
> Come to think of it, if using UDP is so easy, I think I'll just "#define
> send sendto" and move all my apps to UDP. I'm sure they'll be fine.
> Let us know when the reference implementation is finished.
> --Dave
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