Possible Torrent Alternative.

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Oct 24 15:46:59 MDT 2007

Andrew McNabb wrote:
> The lack of choices is really depressing.  In Sandy, the only choices
> are Comcast, Digis, and Qwest.  I think Qwest is the only company worse
> than Comcast.  In Provo, there should be choices, but iProvo is so
> poorly set up that you're stuck with Comcast or Qwest or the equally
> terrible companies that are on iProvo.  Even then, you don't always get
> a choice.  For example, in apartment complexes, individuals aren't
> allowed to sign up for iProvo.

If you have Qwest, then you have myriad options for ISP's, one of the 
being XMission. I use Qwest DSL, with XMission as my ISP. And guess 
what? I have to pay a little extra money each month for the privilege, 
which I do gladly because XMission has never given me anything but the 
best ISP experience for 6 years running. I get a static IP, linux 
friendly support, and staff who actually knows what they're talking 
about. XMission has quite frankly given me better customer service than 
any other firm I can think of, ever.


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