Possible Torrent Alternative.

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Wed Oct 24 11:18:51 MDT 2007

> Also instead of a tracker which can be taken down, I propose a query
> request method using a globally unique identifier,  based on some sort
> of file signature algorithm.  So essentially you query a list of known
> hosts for each file, if they don't have it they query all the hosts
> they know about etc and so forth.  A query result should return a list
> of known hosts which have the file.

Why you have identified a shortcoming of bittorrent, and the idea of adding 
authenticity at the packet level is a good idea, imo the idea presented here 
to replace the tracker feels reminiscent of having the same scalability 
problems as gnutella.

I don't think a 'simple' solution is often a good solution to a difficult 
problem such as this.

The difficulty of the problem is the reason there have been so many attempted 
solutions already, and why they all have shortcomings.

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