New Bittorrent Tracker

Shane Hathaway shane at
Wed Oct 24 10:33:19 MDT 2007

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> Ok, you and Joshua caught me.  This is all theoretical for me  
> anyway.  I am trying to find a way to share large files with family  
> members and friends without taking up room on my web servers.  I was  
> thinking that if I setup my own torrent tracker and index I could  
> share those large files without needing to worry about a third party  
> tracking site that I might not trust or have control of.

Have you considered OpenVPN?  You could set up a private family network.
 Each computer on the network would be able to see the others as if they
were on the same LAN.  People could share files with mere dragging and
dropping.  I've created an OpenVPN network for my family just so we can
do free conference calls using VoIP, but once I created the VPN I
realized we could use it for a lot more.

> Is that the sign of a Linux user?  Having an innate desire to have  
> complete control of all computers on his network, and then some?

IMHO Linux users often have a desire to connect people, and that is a
worthy goal.


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