anybody have some used ddr ram 2700?

Jeff ml at
Wed Oct 24 08:54:26 MDT 2007

   I'm interested. How much would you want for the ram itself (or are you
   saying 3 dollars for shipping is the total?!  =)  )
   Also, what would be the best way to send the money? Paypal.
   PLUG is awesome!
   Jeff Moyes
   Grant Shipley wrote:

I am building a new machine tomorrow and should have 1-2gb of old ram.
 You would need to pay shipping from NC which would be about 3.00 1st
class with delivery confirmation.

On 10/23/07, Jeff [1]<ml at> wrote:


I'm just wondering if anybody has some used ddr ram 2700 that they would
be willing to part with for not too much money?  (I'd like to get 1gb or
512mb but let me know if you have anything).


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