New Bittorrent Tracker

Joe Crown joecr at
Tue Oct 23 20:31:13 MDT 2007

I am of course assuming you like any user of this group use Firefox.

Or you could install Adblock plus Along with a filter.

If the offenders  are only flash files you could install Flashblock.

Another option is Open DNS.  You could get a free account with them & 
have them block the adult content for you.

Pron problem solved.

John M. Anderson wrote:

> Firefox has the option to disable images/styles when visiting
> certain websites. Go to edit -> preferences -> content  and then
> next to where it says "Load images automatically" there is
> an exceptions button.  Add the torrent sites you want into
> the exceptions and then you don't have to worry about seeing
> anything not family oriented.


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