Datacenter Management Software

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Tue Oct 23 16:45:44 MDT 2007

On 10/23/07, Jeff Anderson <jefferya at> wrote:
> The only thing that comes to mind doesn't seem to fit your bill.
> Red hat/fedora has a tool called kickstart. It allows for scripted
> installs of machines. You could easily create separate scripts for
> separate machine roles, and add each new machine to dhcp in the
> corresponding role group.

Ubuntu [1] (and I'm guessing Debian too) support kickstart.
Obviously, some of the options are different, but it is supported.

> I did some googling just now, and I found a tool called FAI - Fully
> Automatic Installation
> It is designed for debian and claims to be more flexible than
> kickstart for redhat. I am curious about this too. If you use it, let
> me know how it goes.

FAI will work as well, but its not quite as nice as Kickstart.  the
FAI stuff is a bit generic, old and frustrating to set up.  I spent a
good amount of time trying to get this working back in Ubuntu Dapper
without much luck.

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