Company in need of part-time system administration

Carl Youngblood carl at
Tue Oct 23 16:27:27 MDT 2007

A former employer and friend of mine is looking for part-time system
administration help.  They had a part-time sysadmin but he has taken a
full-time job and they need to find a replacement.  This position
would be part time for the next six months or so but might evolve into
a full-time position if they are pleased with the help they get.  They
are in the process of starting a bank that should be operational in
about six months time, at which point they need to hire someone

They have windows desktops and an MS SBS server to manage, as well as
a web site and a few auxiliary servers running ubuntu linux on xen
VMs.  The previous sysadmin would be available for orientation and
questions.  Interested persons should send resumes to:

Gunther Fischli
Construction Capital Source, LC
gunther at

512 E 4500 S Suite 100
Murray, UT 84107


Carl Youngblood

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