account management across multiple subnets

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Oct 23 16:21:33 MDT 2007

Kyle Waters wrote [+1 no top post]:
> The problem is that on the remote box they only log in via samba+ldap.  
> Which I'm told doesn't trigger pam.  Plus I have to run smbpasswd 
> inorder to configure the ldap account for the samba settings(I'm looking 
> into a better way of doing this).

You're right.  Because samba uses a cryptographic handshake to
authenticate, PAM is bypassed.  There are possibilities, though. Samba
allows you to define login hooks to do whatever you want. Create
folders, etc.

For manipulating user accounts in LDAP, check out the IdealX scripts
that now ship standard with the Samba source code. They are perl scripts
that make it easy to add samba stuff to an account.

> Kyle

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