account management across multiple subnets

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Oct 23 15:53:49 MDT 2007

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Kyle Waters wrote:
>>     We are using ldap for authentication.  So that part is easy, but 
>> then I need to create the users home directories on an nfs server that 
>> hosts home directories for the central server in the home office.  I 
>> also need to create a home directory on the samba server in the 
>> appropriate remote location.  Then when their account is deleted I need 
>> to delete both directories and their mail file.
> For directory creation, you might use pam_mkhomedir, which automatically
> creates a home directory when a new user logs in.
The problem is that on the remote box they only log in via samba+ldap.  
Which I'm told doesn't trigger pam.  Plus I have to run smbpasswd 
inorder to configure the ldap account for the samba settings(I'm looking 
into a better way of doing this).


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