account management across multiple subnets

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Oct 23 15:26:24 MDT 2007

    My company has a set up that is a little strange, but dictated by 
the circumstances(as I'm sure most setups are).  I have a computer with 
a web interface for hr purposes.  I want to add system account 
management to this interface. 
    We are using ldap for authentication.  So that part is easy, but 
then I need to create the users home directories on an nfs server that 
hosts home directories for the central server in the home office.  I 
also need to create a home directory on the samba server in the 
appropriate remote location.  Then when their account is deleted I need 
to delete both directories and their mail file.
    I thought about mounting the file systems on the server with the 
webapp(seems like a bad idea, since this would involve mounting 
filesystems in remote locations).  I thought about using curl to trigger 
scripts on the other servers(also seems like a bad idea).  I thought 
about setting up ssh keys and using scripts via ssh to handle this(seems 
like the best idea but the IT Mananger doesn't like it).

Does anyone have any better solutions(or know how to make those not so bad)?


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