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Nathan kemotaha at
Fri Oct 19 20:14:41 MDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-19 at 10:17 -0600, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> Speaking of bittorrents, I am wondering if anyone knows of any  
> bittorrent tracker/indexer sites out there that are family friendly,  
> where I do not feel required to disable images in my browser just to  
> look for the most recent version of my families favorite tv show?
> If there is no such thing as a "clean and family safe" bittorrent  
> tracker I have been contemplating setting up my own.  Does anyone  
> else here feel similarly?
> Of course, geek torrent sites (like linux torrent sites) are more  
> likely to be clean since the latest version of linux is like pron to  
> a true geek.
> usually doesn't have porn ads, at least I don't remember
ever seeing any on that site.  The do have the True Love ones with the
scantily clad women but it is not there right now.

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