NerdSpeak Lunch (formerly Utah Valley Nerd Lunch)

Stephen Ward sjward at
Fri Oct 19 16:45:26 MDT 2007

Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago we had a Utah Valley Nerd
Lunch (I made mention of my co-worker having worked at Microsoft).
We've now taken the liberty of renaming it to NerdSpeak and we've
scheduled a second one.  The first one was, after all, a smashing
success (IMHO).

This time around we're heading over to Rice King in Provo at 12:30pm
on Oct. 26th.  The details (which, aside from a Google Maps link, are
no more informative than this very email) can be found at the link
below.  Please RSVP up to X seconds beforehand, where X = (ln(e) ^ π)
* 1,024 + (161 * 2 ^ 4).


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