ubuntu bittorent downloads

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri Oct 19 12:18:48 MDT 2007

Chad wrote:
> Do you mean something like Gentoo?  Where we really don't have
> "releases" like this, but rather just have updated packages that we
> roll out when we update, and every couple of months maybe do an update
> world?  I'm a fan of that type of option, where I get a new kernel and
> new packages as they are released, not waiting for the next major
> release cycle to update.  One of the reasons I keep moving back to
> Gentoo is exactly that reason, I don't have to wait to get a new
> kernel, I don't have to beat everyone to the mirror on release day,
> and I don't have a massive spike in my network usage.

Quite true.  On the desktop, I like to use the latest releases of
everything so I feel more connected with the latest developments in the
open source world.  Gentoo is the only distribution I know of that makes
such a thing possible without gobbling up my time.

OTOH, for computers that non-geeks depend on (particularly servers),
binary distributions with a 5 year support cycle are much nicer.


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