Programming position

Derek Davis derek.davis at
Thu Oct 18 17:08:51 MDT 2007

I posted this job here a few weeks ago, but we still haven't filled
the position.  So, if last time you assumed that this job posting was
just too awesome, and surely you'd never even get an interview because
you didn't see it till an hour after I submitted it, and I'd already
be too inundated by phone calls and emails, now is your chance!  Don't
make the same mistake twice, but contact me _now_ for the once in a
lifetime chance to work here, with me.  Even if you don't see the
posting till an hour or two (or three, even) after I post it, I still
may see your response, so don't lose hope.

If you're interested, email me at employment-plug at, or
you may respond directly to this email and let the whole PLUG know of
your interest. :)  You may also call me at 1-800-920-8162, ext. 102.


Here it is in short:

we want a versatile C++ programmer (you will need to do more than C++,
but mainly C++)
you must want benefits, insurance, ~70k/year d.o.e., and to work in a
cool place where you get to do cool things and enjoy the small company

Here it is in long:

We are a small company looking for a smart programmer with good ideas.
 You and I would be the only two programmers, and I am hoping to hire
someone smarter/better than me (who won't be too critical of my code)
so that I can learn from them.  What this means is that you will be
able to have a significant impact on procedures, goals, and results of
our dev team.  There's not much bureaucracy, just a couple nerds
wanting to do cool things.

Things we'd like you to know:
- C++ - this is the only real must-have skill
- PHP - Sometimes we need to do some web work
- MySQL - for the web work
- Linux administration - We create and customize a liveCD, as well as
running some in-house servers
- Emacs - You don't really need this, but I'm trying to learn Lisp on
my own, so I'd love an emacs tutor

Why you should want to work here:
- This is a very easy-going work environment
- Sane work hours - you will almost never work beyond the normal 8-5
(unless you want to)
- Insurance
- 401k
- Plenty of vacation days
- Snack closet and game area
- We have that small-company feel

We are looking for a senior developer.  However, if you are smart and
motivated, I think that that is more important than experience, so
we'll train.  Pay will be right around 70k, but may vary depending on

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