Is ibot (aka jbot, infobot and many others) a girl?

Brandon Stout bms at
Tue Oct 16 12:47:20 MDT 2007

Clint Savage wrote:
> I'm under the impression that I either missed something, or that most
> people understand that the blootbot maintained by Tim Riker is, at
> least in our channels (#utah, #utos, #ubuntu-utah, #uphpu, etc),
> indeed *is* a girl.
> I got this impression from several macros and other things.  The
> question I'm asking here isn't the gender of our little blootbot.  But
> rather, what's the history and how did it come to be that I, and
> others I've talked with, think that ibot,jbot,infobot is a female?
> Just an interesting thought that crossed my mind this morning.  Maybe
> I'm off my rocker, but thought I'd ask anyway.
> Cheers,
> Clint
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Run these in IRC:

~blast [somenick]

blootbot/infobot/ibot/jbot responds with:

***infobot pulls her blaster and uses [somenick] for target practice
***infobot cries and sobs until she nearly drowns in her own tears.

That's why I call infobot a girl... though anyone could define a
response with 'him' and 'he'.  Perhaps it's like a captain refering to
his ship; something like: "She's South of our destination, take her north".

Brandon Stout

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