KBYU has some strange advice?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Sat Oct 13 17:42:43 MDT 2007

Clint Savage wrote:
> Yeah, I know about apt4rpm, which is now called alien IIRC.  Still odd.  :)

Nope.  apt4rpm has nothing to do with alien.  apt4rpm is still actually
used by a lot of people, even in conjunction with yum.  As long as there
are no conflicts between rpms, you can use apt-get or yum on the same
machine, depending on your pleasure.

Apt was very widely used in a third-party way on both RedHat (through
RHEL 4 even) and FC 1, although Fedora marked the beginning of official
yum support.  Yum support on RHEL didn't begin until RHEL 4, although
rpmforge supported yum on RHEL 4.  Certainly I still use apt-get on RHEL

The instructions on the kbyu page don't really work now, though, since
freshrpms has long since abandoned apt-get (apt4rpm never did deal with
dual architectures).

> 5 years eis a long time to have info on their website about technology.
>  I think someone should give them a new snippet to put there.

Agreed.  I just think that Steve's suggestion isn't the best one since
no free distros I know of will support the proprietary streaming
protocols out of the box.  Ubuntu is probably the most common newbie
distro these days, and so ubuntu-specific instructions would be great.
Like how to add the proprietary apt-get repositories (during install?)
to the system so you can install the codecs.

Certainly Fedora users have to be instructed to add the livna repositories.

Like I said before, I was the only one who bothered to write them about
it before, and they were happy to stick up information to support linux
users, at least in some minor way.  So Steve and others, type up some
basic instructions (be sure to test them on other people's installs!)
and send them in.

> Cheers,
> Clint
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