WiFi routers again :(

jeff jeff at nullware.org
Tue Oct 9 02:31:23 MDT 2007

Sorry took so long to reply...

We use Linksys WRTSL54GS with DD-WRT.  This one has more RAM and FLASH. 
  This allows us to setup openVPN between it and our office in Provo.  I 
have one in my appartment and two in our Thailand office.  We have about 
15 of these in use by our company right now.

Steve wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Been awhile since we had this discussion, but my router is going out
> and I need to replace it.
> Just wondering if there are any make/model suggestions on currently
> shipping models.
> I would personally like a WRT54G but I understand they aren't running
> linux anymore.  So back to the drawing board.  Any ideas?
> BTW if anyone has a good WiFi b/g router for sale cheap, that would be
> nice as well.
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