Utah Database User Group

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Mon Oct 8 14:49:05 MDT 2007

I'm cross posting this to UPHPU, PLUG, and the BYU UUG.  Perhaps members
of other Utah based UGs will consider posting this there as well.  I'm
starting the Utah Database Users Group, and I'd like to hold our first
meeting in a week or two.  Some of you will remember I announced the
Utah Open Source Database (UOSDB) group before on UPHPU.  I'll keep that
name as well since it may be a sub-group to UDBUG.  I chose the new name
as Clint Savage (herlo) recommended because it encompasses a larger
potential interest group.  The first meeting should discuss our common
goals for UDBUG, but after that we'll dig right into database design.  I
will not always post announcements to these lists, so interested people
should register on the website until I have a mail list running for UDBUG.

Until the udbug.org URL works, you can access the site here:


Registration on the site is very simple, but don't forget to validate
your registration and change your password after that.

Brandon Stout

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