Blogware recommendations?

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Fri Oct 5 07:29:54 MDT 2007

> I'm not the guru, but what's different in this from how Wordpress now
> automatically caches the rendered PHP file as a static HTML file,
> which is served until the content is changed?  I agree with the later
> threads that this is a "way" to accomplish the end goal -- having your
> server up and responsive -- but between static HTML and cached HTML
> derived from PHP, is there an incredibly large difference under
> reasonable (not slashdotted) server loads?

My dislike for MT is not how it serves pages. Obviously static files  
are less of a load on the server and can be served faster. My issue  
is not with the end-user experience; it is how annoying it is to the  
developer and blogger. Developing a custom skin was a nightmare,  
having to republish every single time I wanted to test something

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