Blogware recommendations?

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Oct 4 23:26:48 MDT 2007

"Jason Hall" <jayce at> writes:
> Try scaling beyond a small system, or running on shared hardware, etc.  As
> for the MT authors, the their are actually very well know among various
> language groups for their insight in capacity planning, performance, etc.
> Products such as livejournal scale well beyond what simple applications can
> do, on far less hardware then many competitors.  And their contributions are
> great, Memcached, Perlbal, MogileFS just to name a couple.  Wordpress is
> among those groups that has started trying to backport tools such as
> memcached because of the *good* concepts it helps with.

Although sixapart owns livejournal now, they were separate products
until Jan 2005.  Brad Fitzpatrick is the livejournal guy, who did
memcached and all that fun stuff.  Ben and Mena Trott wrote Movable
Type, and their hosted service was TypePad.  So, yes, sixapart does
have the expertise that you say, but the way you say it seems to
confuse the Trotts with Fitzpatrick.


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