NetworkManager 0.7 coming

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Thu Oct 4 22:09:06 MDT 2007

Just saw this blog (Thanks, Mugshot):

It talks about some of the features of the upcoming 0.7 release of
NetworkManager. I presented on NetworkManager at UTOSC and thought some
PLUGgers might be interested in this.

What's Awesome

* Faster connections
* Kill kill kill dhcdbdbddbbdbdbbdbd
* More reliable wireless connections
* Doesn't mash together wireless networks with the same SSID (but
different security, bands, or modes)
* Richer, saner D-Bus API (including introspection)

What Will Be Awesome in F8 (or soon thereafter)

* Static IPs (more than one if you like!)
* Custom DNS servers and search domains
* Better support for all the wireless security modes
* Multiple active device support (Internet connection sharing, woohoo!)
* A solid API and infrastructure to add stuff like Bluetooth DUN,
Bluetooth PAN, cellular broadband cards, etc
* Get connected when the system boots and don't have to wait for login

What's Busted Right Now (but will be fixed ASAP)

* Does not support WEP passphrases
* Does not support WPA[2] Enterprise, IEEE801.X (Dynamic WEP), or LEAP
* Does not support hidden networks
* Does not autoconnect to last wireless network
* OpenVPN VPN plugin busted
* SELinux Enforcing mode is rocky

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