Blogware recommendations?

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Oct 4 22:05:32 MDT 2007

Corey Edwards <tensai at> writes:
> So having your pages rebuild on every load is better than having them
> rebuild once when they change and then stay in cache on the filesystem
> (which will of course be cached by the OS in RAM)? I'm not seeing why
> that's a bad idea.

Because it's not the way he prefers to do it, apparently.

Actually, it becomes a bad idea when you have a high volume of
comments on your blog, since each one triggers the rebuild of the page
it's displayed on as well as the index pages that need to update the
number of comments, etc.  I saw quite a few sites where this became a
serious performance issue and prompted a switch to Wordpress when it
first came out.

For the blogs of average people, or high-volume blogs with no
comments, it was probably a good idea.


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