Blogware recommendations?

Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Oct 4 22:01:52 MDT 2007

Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> writes:

> You'd have to have some pretty sorry hardware and/or be someone
> pretty dang famous in our for MySQL/Apache to not be able to keep up.
> Why on earth would the authors of MT have ever come up with the idea?

By today's standards, a lot of common hardware was pretty sorry in
2001 when Movable Type was released.  The fastest x86 stuff then was a
1.4GHz Athlon and 2.0GHz P4.  Those were the very high-end.  My
hardware was still a PIII-450.  I (a few years later) ran Drupal on
that same machine, and it was dog-slow thanks to the database.

Also, just about EVERYONE who ran a blog ran Movable Type.  Some of
them got quite a bit of traffic.  I don't know if any of them would
have had performance trouble with a dynamic site, but there was at
least a perceived benefit at the time from having static pages.

One other benefit--if you don't have comments on your blog, you can
run it on a local server and simply upload the generated pages to your
web host, which wouldn't need a database or any kind of scripting


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