Blogware recommendations?

Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Oct 4 16:03:48 MDT 2007

My first vote for just blogging is Wordpress.  However if you ever want
more than just blogging, Drupal makes a good blog engine also, even if
all you do with it is blog...

Brandon Stout

Charles Curley wrote:
> Any suggestions for blogware? I have a requirement to set up a web
> site for a client, and they will want a blog. I would like
> to run several blogs eventually from the same server. Also, I want
> something fairly simple, something a non-geek can administer.
> Also, I need something I can run on a hosted server, which suggests it
> be written in PHP and use MySQL (if any DB at all).
> I see that wordpress and b2evolution are rather popular.
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