Filesystem Features and Benefits?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Oct 3 23:04:01 MDT 2007

The folks behind LinuxMCE (Media Center Edition) sell a remote that is
by all accounts fantastic!

On 10/3/07, Shane Hathaway <shane at> wrote:
> Corey Edwards wrote:
> > Speaking of MythTV, if you don't mind my switching topics a bit, does
> > anyone have any good recommendations for a remote control and/or
> > wireless keyboard and mouse? Something that doesn't interfere with wifi
> > and works from a reasonable distance (10 feet) would be key.
> I've been happy with the Remote Wonder Plus that came with the ATI HDTV
> Wonder.  It's an RF remote, it connects via USB, and it requires a
> simple patch to LIRC (that patch is now integrated in Gentoo).  Unlike
> the IR remote that came with the Hauppage PVR-250, the buttons always work.
> Shane
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