Filesystem Features and Benefits?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Oct 3 16:32:38 MDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
I have created a NAS for my home, meant to function primarily as a
media center server.
All is going well except I've noticed that there was some significant
slowing over the past couple of weeks.

I pulled the whole thing off line, ran e2fsck, and found that it had
become massively fragmented.

I'm guessing this is due to my habit of renting 3-4 DVDs at a time,
ripping them and  then deleting them after they have been watched.
Constantly writing and deleting GBs of data every day or so has made a
mess of things.

I really don't want to pull the whole thing offline and defrag
manually, but an automated solution such as doing it via a cron job,
wouldn't work well either, because I may want to watch a show at 2 am,
2pm or anytime in between, hence the reason for the rent, rip, delete

The thing is, it seems to me there should be a file system out there
that auto defrags in the background during idle times.  My media
server mostly sits idle, and only needs to run a couple of hours each

I'm not at all opposed to wiping out the exisiting OS and performing a
fresh install with a new file system, but I'm not sure what to choose.
 Data Integrity is nice but not a huge issue, since it is only temp
stores of DVDs I need to worry about.

So I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good file system
that can cope with my sporadic but huge amounts of access (sometimes
25% of the total space of the drive may be written to, read from and
deleted in a 24 hour period.)

Thanks in advance!


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