Redundant web servers.

Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at
Tue Oct 2 23:06:30 MDT 2007

On 9/14/07, Derek Carter <goozbach at> wrote:
> Never underestimate the value of a *PROPER* load-balancer.
> If your sites lose money when they aren't up (like the ones I'm in
> charge of now) you can't afford to not have one.
> This is what we (Cox Radio Interactive) use:

i agree. at my work we use F5's bigip as well. IIRC, it can handle up
to 1024 servers. we've had it for two years and it has never failed
nor have we had to reboot it. In addition, it does ssl termination for
us. it's expensive (about 15k), but it does the job nicely


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