Redundant web servers.

Dennis Muhlestein devel at
Tue Oct 2 22:46:29 MDT 2007

> I'm thinking of doing a hybrid at this point.  I'm going to take our
> services that don't need as much memory/processing power.. things like
> blogs or small informational sites and consolidate them to a couple
> servers.  I may replace Xen with OpenVZ so I can host more services
> per machine.  Right now, the bottleneck really is memory.

I thought I'd post an update to this old thread.  I've gone ahead and
installed Linux-HA on a couple linux-vservers.  That really is an
improvement over our Xen installation as I can host quite a few sites
on one physical machine.  I have all the same "backupability" that I
had with Xen in case a real machine dies.

Then, on the real servers, I can run the sites that need more
resources on the host os without any virtual server overhead.

I wrote all this up in case anyone is interested in seeing what I've
put together:

Thanks all for you much input!

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