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Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Tue Oct 2 15:05:21 MDT 2007

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 02:14:13PM -0600, Stephen Ward wrote:
> A co-worker of mine who is not on the PLUG list (he used to work for
> MS; could he ever show his face here?)

Yes, he certainly could. I used to work for Microsoft, for more than
two years. It adds authority when one recommends FOSS.

One can recover from Microsoft addiction, you know.

    Microsoft Anonymous: The 12 Steps
    By Debra R. and Claire W. 03.12.02
    Exclusive to Roadhouse Sierra

    A terrible addiction grips the world. It invades the most
    respectable middle-class homes and offices. It causes untold
    havoc. Yet, in this era when enlightened people understand that
    even coffee drinking ("caffeine use disorder") can be a serious
    disability, this addiction goes unrecognized and untreated.



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