Best Computer Science School in Utah

Scott Paul Robertson spr at
Mon Oct 1 10:50:18 MDT 2007

On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 08:51:37PM -0600, Von Fugal wrote:
> As for 312, I absolutely abhor that they're mandating Visual Studio and
> C#. Not that I don't think they shouldn't require any programming in
> Windows. It would be negligent to not have at least one class do so. My
> beef is that they chose algorithm analysis of all things for it. C# is
> such a obscene beast. I feel like it really really gets in my way too
> much, and with the objective of experiencing, analyzing and comparing
> difficult algorithms... it would really be best to just use a language
> that gets out of your way and lets you do just that, focus on the
> algorithms.
> </rant>

I took 312 with C# and VS. I actually didn't mind doing things in C#, as
I like the language and had already learned it. VS bugged me to no end
though, I kept hitting ESC all the time. If you run it on your own
machine there are VI keys plugins out there, making life a bit better.

Scott Paul Robertson

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