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Justin Findlay justin at jfindlay.us
Fri Nov 30 23:19:38 MST 2007

On AD 2007 November 30 Friday 05:22:19 PM -0700, Corey Edwards wrote:
> In related news today, Disney denied the existence of the public domain:
>         "The public domain is merely a boogie man created by hippies and
>         pedophiles to scare young children and artists," stated Disney
>         spokesman Homer Epikasteson. "Everybody knows such a thing would
>         never work anyway. It's preposterous."
>         http://disney.go.com/corporate/news/qmail_response.html

Nice.  It's about time people realized this.  It's comforting that a
good, powerful corporation like Disney(R) will really undertake to make
this a reality.


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