resolv.conf maintenance

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Fri Nov 30 22:40:30 MST 2007

+++ Steve [30/11/07 22:35 -0700]:
> It's not magic.
> Try looking at cron and seeing if you have an updater running,
> sometimes updates can do exactly this type of thing.
> Another thing to check would be your dhcp, if you have both dhcp and
> static IP setup on the same machine, sometimes the dhcp lease will
> expire, it will go to get a new IP and poof resolv.conf will
> disappear.

I have set a static IP on my primary linux box, so that I can ssh to it from
home. If I can set up the same access, via my router, and just have all the
machines using DHCP I would do so. However, I often need to access and move
files from one box to the other, and usually just ssh to each box, or scp to
move files. Can this be handled too, by the router instead? 

Your explanation sounds exactly like what I am experiencing. I'll dig into
cron and see what I can learn there. 

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