JOB opportunity: junior admin

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Nov 26 12:28:30 MST 2007

Sales Team Automation is looking to hire a junior level systems/network admin.

Employment particulars:

- Fulltime, plus some on-call
- $10-15/hr (DOE)
- Full benefits
- Two weeks PTO/year, plus holidays off

Job details:

Position will report directly to me, and help me to maintain and expand our 
production environment.  Our goals are:

1) 100% uptime (as far as the customers see)
2) low latency (for customer experience)
3) scalability (we are growing very rapidly)

We use:

- Networking:
-- UDP
-- RTP, SIP (voip)
-- bonding, bridging, vpns
-- VRRP (keepalived and heartbeat)
-- iptables
-- conntrackd
-- fwmark custom routing rules

- Linux:
-- gentoo
-- LVS
-- software md
-- lvm
-- bash

- Hardware:
-- T1, sangoma cards w/wanrouter
-- x86, and x86_64

- Server applications:
-- apache
-- lighttpd
-- php
-- mysql
-- asterisk
-- qmail
-- djb dns
-- nagios
-- cvs
-- squid

There are some really cool projects that we have lined up that will be 
extremely good for any admin to have on their resume. (HA mysql clustering and 
HA asterisk.) This is a really good opportunity for someone to launch into a 
sysadmin career.

Candidate particulars:

1 - the candidate must have a desire to learn.
2 - the candidate must be a resourceful, self learner.
3 - the candidate must have a good foundation in Linux and system
    administration. I do not expect candidates to know everything--in fact I
    expect candidates to easily admit what they do not know.
4 - the candidate must be a good, quick learner.
5 - the candidate must understand and intelligently apply tried-and-true unix
    principles. (ever read "The Art of Unix Programming"?)

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