need help with exim4 and mail transfer

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Wed Nov 21 09:21:57 MST 2007

+++ Steve [20/11/07 23:17 -0700]:
> It all depends on how you plan to use the system.
> I've always found it to be a pain in the butt to have more than 2 or
> at most 3 partitions on a drive.

OK, I am going to go with one partition on this unused etch box and toss
having several instead. 

> All you need are 3 things.
> You need to set up a DynDNS account.
> You need to set DynDNS as your nameserver at your registrar.
> You need to install and setup a DynDNS client (that's optional since
> they do have a web interface if you want/need to do it by hand).
> I hope this was helpful.

Yes, very helpful. I am sure this new router I installed has dynamic DNS
updating in the router, and I have an account with dyndns too, so I'll set
that up to keep my IP always working. 

Let your wife know she's welcome any time, to get adjusted. If she is up
here, and wants to get adjusted, just have her call 801.566.5428 to make
sure I am here and come in. Glad to help her through this, and glad for your


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