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Jesse Stay jesse at
Tue Nov 20 23:45:28 MST 2007

Sorry to cross-post, but I thought this would be of interest to both
lists - please blog, Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, Orkut, Seesmic, IRC,
Net::SMTP, or whatever your mode of broadcasting to the world is about
this event.  I'd love to have a ton of people there (invite your
bosses too to learn about how Social Media can help them)!  From my

I mentioned this in the official group (on Facebook), but the next
Utah Social Media Developers Garage meeting will be held Tuesday,
December 11 at 7pm.'s Jeff Barr will be our featured
speaker and will be talking about Social Networking sites that
currently use Amazon Web Services and why AWS is beneficial to this
medium. I'm excited to have him here and look forward to hearing what
he has to say - I appreciate him taking the time to address our group.
We will have at least one more guest speaker after Jeff, which will be
announced soon - I'll update that here and on the event page.

After the event we will hope to play some Guitar Hero, Halo 3, or
Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox 360 - bring your GH guitars! As
always, the event is bring your own snack, and SNAPlicate will provide
drinks for the group.

This event will be sponsored and hosted by 12 Horses and will be held
at their new headquarters in Draper, unless there are too many
attendees to accommodate. I'll post a map and directions here and on
the event page when that is officially confirmed. The event will also
be sponsored by my Social Media development and consulting company,
SNAPlicate - we are the ones organizing the event.

Please RSVP on the Facebook event site so we can have a good idea of
the number of attendees that will be there - if you don't have a
Facebook account, please comment here and let me know you're coming.
This is critical to us knowing if we'll have enough space or not. RSVP

Jesse Stay
Chief Social Officer
SNAPlicate, Inc.

Cell: (801) 979-7576

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