need help with exim4 and mail transfer

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Tue Nov 20 18:45:06 MST 2007

+++ Steve [20/11/07 17:54 -0700]:
> >From somewhere outside your LAN try to telnet to port 25 and see if
> it's blocked.
> Other than that make sure your ISP hasn't decided to simply not route.
> Also check that MX records with your DNS provider are correct.
> By the way did you ever replace that router that was starting to flake?

I am so ignorant, or absent minded. 

I got a new router, WRTP54G, and installed it early this morning. 

In the process, I forgot to remember that in powering down my modem, and
router, Comcast gave me a new IP address. Once I went to my registrar, for
domain, and updated the IP there, the email started working

I have a dyndns account...but am still confused about how that all works. 

Is that the way to avoid problems when comcast happens to change my IP

I have tried to use gparted to expand my / drive on my etch machine (the one
under my monitor) and it lets me shrink or expand partitions within the
extended partition, but doesn't allow me to MOVE those partitions. I want to
free up space, then move the partitions to the right, to give room to the /
partition so I can expand it, but the option to expand space before the
existing partitions is greyed out. 

Anyway, I am tempted to just reformat this etch system...and set up my
partitions with more space. Do you have any recommendations for how to carve
up a new drive, i.e., how much space for /, /home, /usr, /var, et al? 

Thanks for your reply to this. 


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