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Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
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On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 08:31:19PM -0700, Nathan wrote:
> I was looking for some advice from the list -
> What is the chance of finding a Sys Admin job in the Utah / Salt Lake 
> county area?
> Do companies here mind being approached directly?

No, but it's probably not your most productive approach. Better would
be via a competent agency (and "competent" is the rub). The reason is
that the direct approach usually means via the personnel department,
which you should avoid like the plague.

The best approach is directly to hiring managers or employees in or
near the department that interests you. Which you do by meeting them
with business card in hand at meetings.

> What can a good Sys Admin earn in Utah?
> Just to give you some background -
> Up until now I have been working in my consultancy and development 
> business, but some recent challenges with a business partnership have left 
> me looking for work.
> My primary skills are in Linux / Network admin (with MacOs, Windows, Aix, 
> Irix, and VMX admin experience).  I have also worked in Web admin (Apache & 
> IIS), and database admin (MySQL & Oracle, as well as some Postgress).  I 
> have worked as a webmaster too (PHP, CSS etc.)

Should all be marketable.

> I've worked for sites with 700 employees, managed support departments, 
> worked for industrial and engineering companies, as well as in office 
> environments.
> I put up a web mini-resume at http://nathanctaylor.com - is this a good 
> idea?

A few pointers on the mini resume...

* Some of the text is actually an image. This is much harder to get
  into the clipboard that straight text. Don't do that.

* My opinion: your outside interests (cycling, etc.) are irrelevant on
  a resume. I wouldn't put them on one.

* In your "Latest Work" section, make the company names live links to
  their web sites. I know you have them in the Portfolio section on
  the right, but a hiring manager might not find that.

* I'd like to know roughly how many years you've been working with

I didn't read your main resume in detail, but these points jumped out:

* Don't say C.V. Most Americans don't know how to pronounce that, never
  mind what it means. Say resume instead.

* Don't put your date of birth on it. Indicate years of experience
  instead. DoB could be a basis for age discrimination, although you
  and I know that sounds stupid. (Then again, do you want to work for
  someone stupid enough to engage in age discrimination?)

* Don't say "Redundancy". "Downsizing" or some such instead. Like
  C.V. it's a Briticism that gets in your way. "We are divided by a
  common language." -- H.L. Mencken.

> I am originally from England, but am now a permanent resident of the U.S. 
> of A. - Do employers look down on foreign employees?

Not per se, Although if I were hiring for a full time position I'd
want to be sure you intended to stay in the US, and would encourage
you to seek U.S. citizenship.

> BTW, I have been lurking on this mailing list for a while (previously under 
> another email address), and due to work commitments haven't been able to 
> attend any meetings in the past, but look forward to doing so.

Do so. ASAP. It may be your best chance at getting something, if not
immediately, then down the road. Have business cards ready.


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