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Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Mon Nov 19 09:58:58 MST 2007

Nathan wrote:
> What is the chance of finding a Sys Admin job in the Utah / Salt Lake 
> county area?
> Do companies here mind being approached directly?
> I am originally from England, but am now a permanent resident of the 
> U.S. of A. - Do employers look down on foreign employees?

In Utah, it is harder to find a good sysadmin job than many other parts 
of the country.  Some people on here will disagree with me on that point.

There seems to be a prevailing idea around the area that senior admins 
with six to ten years of experience should work for junior admin pay 
(but with a senior title).  I personally define "a good sysadmin job" as 
one where you have a good company, good challenges, and good pay.

On the flip side, the sysadmin talent around the area seems a bit 
sparse.  The really good ones tend to already have jobs they like, and 
quite frankly, to get a good sysadmin to leave one job and take another 
is a very difficult task, simply because the learning curve on a new 
sysadmin job is quite painful.  They either have to be miserable in 
their current job, or you have to throw tons of benefits and money at 
them.  And generally the second option doesn't even work.

I constantly have a mid to senior level linux admin job open (level and 
pay depending on experience, of course).  We are growing quickly, so 
every time I finally find a really good admin, I have to start looking 
for another one.  I tend to be a little picky, since I insist on having 
my admins fix problems rather than cause them.  Candidates must actually 
know what they are doing, and not just know how to talk the talk.

If you think you are one of the good ones, send me an email with your 
resume, and we can setup a time to talk (and this goes for all you 
pluggers who are good sysadmins).


A little about the company:

We host over 600,000 domains on more than 600 servers.  We are an 
accredited ICANN registrar, and we are the biggest Internet bandwidth 
user in the state (we are currently pushing 4 Gbit/sec of data, and we 
are adding more circuits).

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