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Nathan taylor.nat at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 20:31:19 MST 2007

I was looking for some advice from the list -

What is the chance of finding a Sys Admin job in the Utah / Salt Lake 
county area?

Do companies here mind being approached directly?

What can a good Sys Admin earn in Utah?

Just to give you some background -

Up until now I have been working in my consultancy and development 
business, but some recent challenges with a business partnership have 
left me looking for work.

My primary skills are in Linux / Network admin (with MacOs, Windows, 
Aix, Irix, and VMX admin experience).  I have also worked in Web admin 
(Apache & IIS), and database admin (MySQL & Oracle, as well as some 
Postgress).  I have worked as a webmaster too (PHP, CSS etc.)

I've worked for sites with 700 employees, managed support departments, 
worked for industrial and engineering companies, as well as in office 

I put up a web mini-resume at http://nathanctaylor.com - is this a good 

I am originally from England, but am now a permanent resident of the 
U.S. of A. - Do employers look down on foreign employees?

BTW, I have been lurking on this mailing list for a while (previously 
under another email address), and due to work commitments haven't been 
able to attend any meetings in the past, but look forward to doing so.

Nathan Taylor

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