What do you think about cherry picking?

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri Nov 16 16:08:53 MST 2007

Hans Fugal wrote:
> I have on occasion used darcs' cherry picking support, but mostly for
> simple changes that had no dependencies in the first place (e.g. config
> file changes). My hypothesis is that there is no real practical use case
> where the ability to cherry pick is really important. The convenience of
> being able to browse/pick the patch(es) you want is important, but that
> could easily be implemented on top of almost any DRCS (unless it's so
> braindead as to not let you produce diffs between arbitrary changesets).
> Once you have the patch(es) you want, they will either apply to your
> working directory or they won't (the patch layer). Then, they will
> either work or they will need patching up (the semantic layer). If your
> DRCS grabs ancestors to make the patch layer work, you may end up
> grabbing more than you want, and have to manually back things out. If
> your DRCS doesn't grab ancestors, you may have to bring in more patches
> yourself, and/or hand-merge, but you won't have to deal with backing out
> over-eager patches. In either case it works well if you have committed
> small and specific changesets, and doesn't work so well if you haven't.
> In both cases you need to be alert and careful, because the software
> can't do all your thinking for you.

This sounds similar to the thinking behind Mercurial's Queues extension.
 Have you evaluated that?



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