Looking for Advisory help on Perl c/OSS Project

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Nov 16 13:32:02 MST 2007


I oversee an small commercial OSS project based in Perl (ecommerce)
with a few hundred thousand users, but I'm struggling to keep up with
the code by myself. I need a second set of eyes on the code, if possible.

What I am looking for is someone with Perl experience that is willing to 
meet with me bi-weekly, or whatever they can do, at my office in Provo 
and advise/help on issues ranging from community building to code 
repositories (we use SVN) and from database issues to XML.  I understand 
someone might be willing to help but does not have a lot of time, so I 
would welcome any level of help, from help with the code itself to 
bouncing ideas back and forth. If someone could do more, I'd welcome 
that as well.

I am willing to pay gas money, bus fees, etc.  I validate resume
references, internships, and/or service time. I can also pay based on
revenue streams if someone has more time to assist the project, even to
the point of a regular stipend or salary/hourly pay of some sort, if

So if you have the time to help out our humble little project, I'd
appreciate it greatly.  You can contact me by responding directly to me 
from this post/email or contacting us at: 



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