ASP and JAVA guru needed

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Fri Nov 16 12:40:14 MST 2007

If you are a Java guru with some ASP experience and want to earn some  
quick cash, let me know.

My uncle's company ran into a problem and needs help.  I have helped  
them in the past with Linux and PHP stuff by ASP and Java are not my  
forte.  Here is the note I got from them today:

"We're working on a project right now trying to imbed a JSP  
application into a frame of an ASP application's window.  I'm running  
into errors that appear to be caused by compiled code, although I do  
not know enough about JAVA to completely understand what I'm looking  

They have happily paid my consulting rates in the past and they are a  
very large company in Texas.  If you are interested, reply off-list.


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