rsync not honoring excludes

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Wed Nov 14 23:09:46 MST 2007

I have an rsync command in one script that works. I have another that  
is set up the same way in another script that doesn't. Can anyone see  
anything wrong with this?

The command:

rsync -auczve ssh --delete --stats --exclude-from=/path/to/ 
exclude_file /path/to/something/ secret.remote.server:/path/to/ 

The contents of the excludes file:

- .svn/
+ */
+ subdirA/subdirB/file.txt
- *

The include/exclude rules are such that all only the file "subdirA/ 
subdirB/file.txt" should be rsync'd.

(The logic is: exclude all ".svn" files, include all other directories  
so that the directories leading up to the one file will be available,  
include the one file, exclude everything else.)
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