Geek Paintball - November 17, 10am - 2pm

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Sun Nov 11 21:59:42 MST 2007

Utah Open Source along with Tier Four is hosting a paintball game for
all computer geeks in Utah. If you have ever wanted to frag your
friend in real life, this is the time and place to do it.

The games will be pick up style, with matches pitting language,
distro, and other hot topics against each other. Training will be held
before each round and safety will be discussed. Paintball markers will
be available onsite or by reservation with JT Paintball Rentals
( starting at $10.

Tier Four will be providing 15 cases, yes that's right 15 cases of
marballizer paint and make it available to all that come until its
gone. More paint should be available for sale, or you should bring
your own just in case.

= Where =

DesertEdge Practice Field -
SpecialOps Info -
(Login Required)

= When =

Saturday, November 17, 2007
10am until about 2pm

= Why =

Because you want to frag your friends and fellow geeks in REAL LIFE.
Beware, they shoot back!  Because hard studying in University is
improved when individuals take time out to relax.  Because you know
you can't hit me!

= RSVP =

Although not required, It'd be nice if you went and checked out the
guns at JT Paintball Rentals and let us know which one you'll be
getting. If you'd like to confirm your attendance (recommended, we
have about 35 guns to rent and they will go fast), email
participate at

See you all there.


Clint Savage
Founder, Utah Open Source Foundation

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