RAID 1 question

Andres Gonzalez gonzo at
Thu Nov 8 13:12:01 MST 2007

As a follow up to my question on file server distros, I have a
question about RAID 1 (mirror or redundant drives).

I am think of having this file server use RAID 1 because the
motherboards these days have support for it in the chipset.  But I am
a bit leery of this approach. So, with RAID 1, does RAID do anything
different to the mirrored drives--anything nonstandard?  In other
words, if I took one of those RAID drives (one that had been used in a
RAID 1 set, that is mirrored, and took one of those drives and put it
into a single drive, non-RAID box, could I mount it as usual and have
a conventional drive and see all of the previously mirrored data?  Or
can I only recover the data using the same chipset-based mirrored

It seems to me that RAID 1 is perfect in the event of a disk failure,
but what happens in the event of a motherboard failure? I would want
to be able to have access to the data using a non-RAID system if need



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