one way network access problems

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Wed Nov 7 15:28:58 MST 2007

Help...linux to xp networking

I can't connect from linux to xp, on LAN with two linux boxes (one runs
sarge, other etch). 

What I can do, is surf the web, ping, email, all that works from XP out. I
can connect to both linux boxes AND to a virtual windows instance on sarge,
running on Win4Lin. I can even print to a printer connected to sarge, via
printer share on that virtual windows session. 

What I can NOT do is mount a shared C: drive on XP from either Debian
machine, nor can I connect the other direction from virtual windows on

I made sure all the DNS settings were the same for sarge, etch, XP and the
virtual windows machine. That then allowed XP to access the web; still, no
other machine can access XP. 

How do I get this all working? It worked fine until I powered everything
down, hooked the three machines up via hardware KVM switch, to use my one
large monitor. How do I get XP to let the other machines talk to it? 

I know this is a linux list, but am hoping someone can point me in the right


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