help with utopia related legislation

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What is the bill id number?  And for anyone interested, you can identify
your representative and senator here

I agree with your assessment Steve, we have too many anti-competition laws


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After having read the full text of this bill I encourage everyone to
call their representatives immediately and urge them to vote NO on
this bill.
It would essentially prevent any city from joining in Utopia without a
major referendum and even then it controls with precision what must be
said on the ballot when a city decides it wants to either join utopia
or provide a city wide network.

Additionally it places strict limits on a cities ability to raise
revenue via bonds and/or pledge sales tax revenue.

Finally it states that even IF a city were to get past the rigmarole
and be able to provide service to it citizens, it places limits on how
the city can offer it services.
For instance there is no way a city could offer a subsidized
"lifeline" style service.  Additionally it forces the city to collect
taxes on a service essentially being provided for BY taxes.

This bill is clearly a submarine attack by Qwest, Comcast and other
incumbent monopolies to prevent Utopia from spreading, and try to put
a stop to what is already existent, since of course these provisions
are retroactive to 2004.

In short, get this thing struck down!


On Nov 6, 2007 11:51 AM, Kyle Waters <unum at> wrote:
> Some of you saw the draft proposal that I asked for help with converting
> to text(ya that turned out to be a no brainer), this time I have the
> full bill(I decided to leave it as pdf), but my represantive has asked
> for help reading through it.  He doesn't have time to read the full
> proposal(he just got it and he votes tomorrow).  If you will help look
> through and give feed back I'll see that he sees it.
> Kyle
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