Redhat and Java

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Tue Nov 6 10:51:42 MST 2007

Broad contributor agreement and TCK License pave way for a fully
compatible, open source Java Development Kit for Red Hat Enterprise

Redhat is turning into quite the Java shop.  JBoss, Seam, Hibernate,
and now OpenJDK/IcedTea.  Anyone can contribute to the JDK -- it is
GPLv2 -- but Sun can't legally expose portions of the encumbered JDK.
For example, anti-aliased font rendering in Java2D was done by Kodak.
Sun doesn't own that code and so they can't GPL it.  Redhat will now
have access to the full OpenJDK repository so they can help create a
GPL-able replacement.  Redhat is doing so with the IcedTea project:

Woot!  Go Java!


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